Spectral dma 80

Végerősítő a gyártóra jellemző nagy sávszélességű, ultragyors kivitelében, kurta jelúttal kivitelezve

The DMA-80 is an extraordinary amplifier. It immediately transformed my system from one which had a slightly grainy and non-blooming treble to the opposite: a spacious highly detailed upper mid and treble.


The DMA-80 is a perfect example of how great spectral products are.

Extraordinary detail.


POWER OUTPUT :@ 8 ohms = 80 WRMS OUPUT CURRENT: Limited to 18A Peak


DISTORTION: Less than .1% fran D.C. to 100 KHz „IYPica11 y .006% @ 80 WRMS / 8 ohms BANDWIDTH: D.C. to 1.2 MHz – 3db

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