MLytic HP / HP+ (High Performance Power Cap)

The all-new series MLytic® HP and MLytic® HP+ High Performance Power Cap are specially manufactured for applications, that require large quantities of electricity.

These capacitors, which were originally developed for use in lasers and inverters, are consequently optimized for audio purposes now.

They combine low ESR and high ripple currents with high voltage, large capacitance and superb power pulse, due to rock-solid aluminium screw-terminals.

Because of it’s outstanding combination of features and the advantages of 4-Pin technology the MLytic® HP+ is particularly of interest wherever highest electric charges and innovative circuits are in focus.

The MLytic® HP High Performance Power Cap series offers all benefits of Mundorf’s unique MLytic® technology plus the following features


Supply availability
Typically immediately ex stock for all types listed below
4-6 weeks for your individual combination of features from 18pcs only
Versatile applicable
RoHS-compliant · lead free
REACH compliant
Finest UL-listed ingredients only
Sectional specifications DIN 41332 · IEC 60384-4
Climatic category IEC 60068 40/105/56
Indication of origin
Made in Germany with greatest care
Capacitance range
1 000µF to 39 000μF
DC voltage range
250 · 350 · 400 · 450 · 500 · 550
Temperature range
-25°C/-13°F to 105°C/+220°F [250V to 450V]
-40°C/-40°F to 125°C/+255°F [500V to 550V]
Diverse connectors
SC · screw-terminal · clamp mounted
SB · screw-terminal · bolt mounted
Useful lifetime [UR · IR~]
8 000 hours at 105°C/220°F [250V to 450V]
16 000 hours at 85°C/185°F [250V to 450V]
8 000 hours at 85°C/185°F [500V to 550V]
Rated lifetime [UR]
2 000 hours at 105°C/220°F [250V to 450V]
2 000 hours at 85°C/185°F [500V to 550V]
Case diameter [mm]
35 · 40 · 45 · 50 · 65 · 75 · 90
Case heights [mm]
Customized from 55 to 230
[typically in 5mm steps]
Case diameter [inch]
1.38 · 1.57 · 1.77 · 1.97 · 2.56 · 2.95 · 3.54
Case heights [mm]
Customized from 2.16 to 9.06
[typically in 0.2mm steps]
Lead free PVC sleeve with end disk
voltage proof ≥ 2500 AC
Leakage current [IL
≤ 0,008 * CR[µF]*UR + 6µA after 5 minutes at UR
20nH equivalent series inductance
Maximal reverse voltage

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