MSM c1

Reference studio monitor

A fast sound transducer, the corresponding power amplifiers and a bass unit for effortless reproduction of even the lowest octaves are certainly not the end of this development. We have thought of various adjustment features to make a sound engineer”s life that much easier. These include room adaptation filters, near-field/cinema-screen EQ settings, and an input trimming stage controller, that can accurately set the two-channel or multi-channel equality to within a tenth of a dB. And that”s not all: conveniently placed handles for transporting this 30 kilogram heavyweight, a perfect matching, movable stand, available in different heights, a dockable bass unit as an optional extra, a self-explanatory operating console with a clear layout, and finally an attractive design that is still mindful of the needs of the user.


Type: Active 2-Way System

Frequency range: 30Hz – 40kHz

Woofer: 8″ Glasfiber Polyester Sandwich Diaphragm, Voice coil diameter 38mm

Cabinet: Sealed cabinet made of up to 38mm thick medium-density wooden fibreboard, damped on the inside with floating polymer resin panels.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 495 x 270 x 424mm

Weight: 30kg

Amplifier (analogue):Max. Output LF: 250W (8Ohm), 400W (4Ohm) (with optional LF-Module), HF: 180W (8Ohm)

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