TubeCap (for tube amplifiers)

The TubeCap® is made of Polypropylen film with special features. This is particularly thin and the self-healing properties are markedly pronounced due to a special coating. This leads to a very high electrical strength in the capacitor with compact dimensions.

The TubeCap® combines a high degree of dielectric strength and low residual inductivity with a very compact form of construction. It has been developed as a high-quality technical alternative to high-voltage electrolytic capacitors and is thus ideally suited to use in tube amplifiers.

The advantages vis-à-vis electolytic capacitors are:
Lower ESR and lower residual inductivity
No drying out; therefore longer service life
Excellent self-healing properties
More compact form of construction
There is no series connection necessary for increasing the dielectric strength.


Supply availability
Typically immediately ex stock for all types listed below
4-6 weeks for your individual combination of features from 18pcs only
Versatile applicable
RoHS-compliant · lead free
REACH compliant
Finest UL-listed ingredients only
Sectional specifications DIN 41332 · IEC 60384-4
Climatic category IEC 60068 40/105/56
Indication of Origin
Made in Germany with greatest care
Capacitance range
1 000µF to 220 000μF
DC voltage range
40 · 50 · 63 · 80 · 100 · 160 · 250 · 350 · 450
Temperature range
-25°C/-13°F to 105°C/220°F
Useful lifetime [UR · IR~]
8 000 hours at 105°C/220°F
16 000 hours at 85°C/185°F
Rated lifetime [UR]
2 000 hours at 105°C/220°F
Case diameter [mm]
50 · 75 · 90
Case heights [mm]
Customized from 70 to 100
[typically in 5mm steps]
Case diameter [inch]
1.92 · 2.95 · 3.54
Case heights [mm]
Customized from 2.76 to 3.94
[typically in 0.2inch steps]
Lead free PVC sleeve with end disk
voltage proof ≥ 2500 AC
Leakage current [IL
≤ 0.008 * CR[µF]*UR + 6µA after 5 minutes at UR
20nH equivalent series inductance
Maximal reverse voltage

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