AMP III végerősítő


Three channel power amplifier The AMP III is a power amplifier for multichannel applications and supplements our mono and stereo amplifiers. With its three channels modern 5.1 to 7.1 home cinema is easily attainable as well as other multichannel applications like, for example, bi-amping or even tri-amping.
With an intelligent circuit layout and high power output, the AMP III plays sovereign and slender. The sound quality is outstanding.
The AMP III does not get worked up and plays highly emotional.
Like all our mono and stereo power amplifiers we have realized Audionet”s ultra-linear amplifier concept consequently within the AMP III. Its circuits are designed for the lowest distortion and highest speed and stability. The construction makes the three channels operate independently as much as possible. A clever protection circuit ensures the easiest handling, high operation safety, and detects the correct mains phase.
The inputs are equipped with gold-plated, Teflon-insulated sockets, and the outputs with gold-plated loudspeaker terminals. Of course, AMP III can remotely be switched on and off.
The AMP III fascinates with transparency, rich details and the greatest of ease.




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