Tube Preamplifier * Dual Mono * 3 Integral Chassy
Many Unison Research customers have expressed the wish for an all-tube pure class-A power amplifier with a power output significantly higher than any previous Unison product. In order to satisfy this request, the Unison Research design team has created a single-ended monoblock amplifier able to deliver 80 watts in pure Class-A. This product has become the first in a new line which embodies all our experience in valve amplifier design acquired over the years–the Reference Series.

Having completed the power amplifier project, a preamplifier of similar quality and performance was added, and it is fully worthy of inclusion in the Reference Series. We have named it, of course, the Reference PRE.


Operating mode: Class-A

Inputs: 4 line RCA, 2 line XLR, 1 tape, 2 phono

Outputs: 1 line RCA, 1 line XLR, 1 tape, 1 subwoofer

Tube: 2x 300 B, 2 x ECC 82, 2 x ECC 83, 2 x 6C45P, Phono: 4x 6C45P, 2x ECC 83

Output impedance : 500 ohm

Volume control: radio

Power consumption : 320 W max

Dimensions: 450 x 560 x 210 mm (BxTxH)

Weight: 25 kg


  • : 2 x 300B, 2 x ECC82, 4 x ECC83, 6 x 6C45P
  • Class: pure class A
  • Inputs: 4 line (2 balanced), 1 tape, 2 phono
  • Input impedance : 47 Kohm line inputs, set for phono
    1 unbalanced and balanced, 1 tape (active), 1 sub woofer (active),
    2 remote switch on for power REREFENCE
  • : 41,5 x 57 x h 22
  • Net Weight: Kg. 25


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