AMP VII többcsatornás végerősítő


Audionets amplifier AMP VII gives you the chance to combine all power amplifiers of your home cinema in one cabinet. As the AMP VII can be equipped with up to 7 separate channels even modern 7.1 cinema is available through only one device. It is also possible to expand existing stereo or multichannel applications.
A possible maximum power output of 360 watts into 2 ohms on each channel even lives up to power demanding loudspeakers.
But not only the pure power and the rock-solid stableness impress. They are combined with excessive richness of information, subtle details and perfect sound pureness.
The AMP VII is equipped with at least four channels and up to seven channels. If required, additional channels can be implemented at any time.

  • A feltüntetett ár az öt csatornás kivitelre vonatkozik, további csatorna ára:  550,000,- Ft



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