Nano Phono V2 fonófokozat

114.900 Ft

The printed circuit board is embedded within a solid CNC-machined aluminium block, which forms a resonance-free chassis. The latest sophisticated surface-mount technology is used in conjunction with precision electronic components, such as Burr-Brown (Texas Instruments) integrated circuits, and extremely short signal paths leading to pure, hum and noise-free music reproduction.
The fully dual-mono design features separate left and right switches for input loading, gain control and choice of MM or MC sensitivity, extracting the best results from virtually any cartridge.

  • opcionális fejhallgatókimenettel: 127.900,- Ft
  • fekete vagy ezüst színben kapható


Mode: MM / MC mode
switched by jumpers on the base of the unit
Amplification: 54 to 69 dB (MC – Mode)
34 dB to 49 dB (MM – Mode)
Input load: 47 kΩ / 220pF / MM
Individual / User / MC
MM / MC – input: Switchable (at base)
RIAA: 75μs / 318μs / 3180μs
RIAA accuracy: ± 0,4 dB
THD: 0,04 %
S/N ratio: 67 dB (A) (MC – Mode)
84 dB (A) (MM – Mode)
Channel separation: 80 db (1 kHz)
Max. output voltage: 10 V eff. (1 kHz)
Power supply: 16 V AC ( 500 mA)
Inputs / outputs: Unbalanced (RCA)
Weight: 700 g (preamp and power supply)
Dimensions (W/D/H in mm): 80 x 106 x 25

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