PRE G2 sztereó előerősítő


PRE G2 got the coveted Editor’s Choice Badge from THE ABSOLUTE SOUND 2018!

With pure research and costly development and trial every detail was thought-out and tested. The circuit layout is state of the art, the construction beyond all doubt and all components are strictly selected.
Double mono construction is used for complete channel separation. Optimized high frequency properties through SMD miniature technology is implemented.
The chassis and circuit design are magnetically and capacitively optimized.
The controlling and signal processing units are optically decoupled. There are no electromechanical elements. The volume setting is done especially by electronically switched precision resistors.
The chassis is insensitive against microphonic effects.
For each channel there is an encapsulated 100 VA toroid core transformer, two special audio capacitors with 41,000 uF and fast, discrete regulators to ensure stable supply voltages. Additionally the voltages are smoothed locally by 12 discrete regulators for each channel. There is an extra power supply for the control unit.
All operational amplifiers in the signal path are discrete and optimized. The 10 operational amplifier modules have a gain-bandwidth product of 1.5 GHz. The input operational amplifiers have a nearly infinite input impedance and a constant capacity. Therefore, they do not load the signal source.
The signal and ground of the inputs are switched via gold-coated precision relays. The output operational amplifiers are class A amplifiers with high bias current and are insensitive against reflux of the power amplifiers.
A microprocessor controls and regulates all functions and informs via a dimmable display. The inputs are nameable, and different input signal levels can be corrected. Other devices can be switched on via Audionet link. All functions can be controlled remotely. Source signals containing DC components can be compensated.



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